You Can Choose The Perfect Paint Color

Are You Making Yourself Crazy Trying to Choose the Perfect Paint Color for Your Room?

Separate yourself from the masses of confused weekendend warriors caught in the world of gazillions of paint store paint color strips

Dear Fellow Weekend Warrior,

Have you been there? I know I have been. Just when you thought you had the right colors, you bought the paint, got it on the wall, and it dried a color that was impossible to live with!

Imagine having the confidence to stride past all those confused people clutching their paint strips like a bad hand at poker, approach the wall that holds the gazillion paint color strips, and quickly choose 3 or 4 strips your KNOW will work in your room.

Sound hopeless? Not really, I have good news for you. You can feel confident in your paint color shoices when you learn the secrets inside.. “How To Choose The Perfect Color In 6 Easy Steps.” This ebook was written specifically for YOU the weekend warrior that needs to do the project right the first time. After all, do you have the time and money to make painting color mistakes? If choosing a color, prepping, and painting a room only to discover you hate the color is your idea of fun, then this ebook is definately NOT for you.

But if you Don’t want to make those mistakes,  “How to Choose the Perfect Color in 6 Easy Steps” will help. Inside you’ll learn:

  • How to manipulate the color strips for that “decorator” look
  • How to add “zing” to a boring room
  • How to make a room feel larger
  • And much more


The How to Choose the Perfect Color ebook really can help in 6 easy steps; I’ve painted many rooms in a couple homes, and several of the secrets were amazing and invaluable and will make a huge difference next time I have to paint.


Norma Anderton, Pennsylvania



Discover the secrets of perfect color choice the Decorators don’t want you to know

When you use these secrets, you will find you already have and will be able to further develope your own “inner eye for color.” You’ll be amazed at how fast you’ll be able to eliminate what doesn’t work, and zoom in what does. After reading and following the 6 easy steps you’ll be able to transform any room because you’ll learn:

  • How to determine the correct color family for any room
  • How to coordinate several hues ofcolor in the same room
  • How to give the room the esact mood or feeling you want
  • and lots more                

I had so much framed art and pottery that I had no idea where to go for paint color until I read How to Choose the Perfect Color in 6 Easy Steps. It was almost like magic how easy to find just the right paint color family for the room! And I know I can do it again and again. Louise Jennings, New Mexico

Ok–what’s the cost for this valuable resource you ask? Let’s do some quick calculations. Depending on what part of the country you are in, the cost of a 1 hour consultation with a decorator will be anywhere from $50.00 to $150.00. And that’s just to find out what they want you to do! There are follow up appointments for more color selection and by the time it’s all over you could have spent hundreds of dollars if not more…Do you have time for that?

I didn’t think do, and frankly there is a better way.

“How to Choose the Perfect Color in 6 Easy Steps” is available to  you as a downloadable ebook. It’s a wonderful thing…you can keep it on your computer, take it anywhere with you and use ot when you want on your terms and in your time. Since it’s downloadable, I don’t have fullfillment costs and postage to pass on to you. And it costs WAY less than an hour with a decorator!

The regular price for “How to Choose the Perfect Color In 6 Easy Steps” is $27. However, this is an introductory offer, so if you order now, you’ll pay only $15. By ordering now there is more  because you’ll also receive……….3 Free Bonuses

You see, I believe we all have an innate color sense inside us. It just takes a little tweaking to uncover and let it out. That’s why I wrote this color choicehandbook. It’s not the “be all end all” of color theory and practice, but it will give you the confidence to choose paint color. And after that success, on to decorating!

Free Bonus #1

“What Your Favorite Color Says About You” (value $7.95) A fun look at color and how it can impact our lives through astrology and feng shui. The importance of color in your everyday life.

Free Bonus #2

“Color Terminology: What it means and How to use it” (value $7.95) A basic guide to what color terms mean so you won’t be confused and be able to understand the all important color relationships

Free Bonus #3

“Professional Painting Hints and Tips for the Perfect Finish” (value $7.95)Basic and little known secrets to accomplishing the painting project like a professional. Use these, save time and money, and your friends will think  you hired a professional.

If YOU want to simplify paint color selection and separate yourself from the confused weekend warriors, click here for your copy of “How to Choose the Perfect Color in 6 Easy Steps”    

Order now and receive the 3 Free Bonuses as promised.



In this day and age people everywhere are opting to do home fix up projects and decorating changes themselves. Most are looking for ways to save both time and more importantly money, while still accomplishing these tasks with finesse beauty and style. Not only are people becoming more and more avid DIYers, they want to do it right the first time! Nobody wants to redo a project.

Does this sound like you? Only want to do a project once? Do you want your home to look “decorator designed” and enjoy the satisfaction that you were the one that chose the color scheme? Don’t be left out, Order Now and eliminate color choice confusion forever!

“How to Choose the Perfect Color in 6 Easy Steps” Plus 3 Free Bonuses:

  • “What Your Favorite Color Says About You ( value $7.95)
  • “Color Terminology; What It Means and How to Use It” (value $7.95)
  • “Professional Painting Hints and Tips for the Perfect Finish” (value $7.95)

Thank You. I know you’ll not only enjoy this handbook, but you’ll be able to go forward with no fear of color ever again!

Deb Fowler

Painted Walls